Integral Recovery Online Courses

The Integral Recovery Institute’s mission is to educate people around the world about addiction and how to apply the Integral model to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction. The backbone of the Integral Recovery model is Integral Recovery Practice.

Numbers of ThoughtWith the Integral map you will see and understand addiction and recovery as you never have before. And the Integral Recovery Practices are what enable us to travel the territory that the Integral map reveals.

The Integral Recovery Institute hosts three interactive, online courses:

1) Integral Recovery Practice Course: The focus of this course is to provide a lived experience of the application of the Integral model and Integral Recovery Practices. Those of you in recovery, whether early stage, or late stage and wishing to deepen and renew your recovery process, will have the opportunity to be immersed in Integral Recovery Practice, guided by the IRI faculty.

Beyond the experiential aspect of the course, there is also a strong academic component in order to teach students what we have learned about addiction, and why the Integral approach is so effective when applied to the journey of recovery.

Students will follow a 9-unit Study Guide with written and practice assignments that they will turn in or discuss with their faculty advisors on a regular basis. The curriculum is augmented by weekly online lectures, interactive online forums, and lively weekly discussion groups facilitated by the faculty.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion for the Integral Recovery Practice Course.

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2) Integral Recovery Coaching Course Level I: The Level I Coaching Course is designed to develop your core skill set, to enable you to become an effective, integrally informed health care provider, whether you are a therapist, coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, or other health care professional.

This course provides both a thorough academic introduction to Integral Recovery coaching and a lived experience of the application of the Integral Recovery model to the journey of recovery. A key component of the Integral approach to treatment is that the IR coaches must have firsthand knowledge of the territory they want to help others to navigate.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion for Integral Recovery Coaching – Level I.

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3) Integral Recovery Coaching Course Level II: This course is a counseling internship under the supervision of the Integral Recovery Institute. Students who have counseling experience and have completed the IRI Coaching Level I course, will be guided through case studies and a clinical internship by an IRI tutor, to apply the theory learned in the IRI Coaching Course – Level I.

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a diploma in Integral Recovery Coaching.

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