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Apr 03

IR Institute Certification Course Opens For Enrollment


The Integral Recovery Institute is pleased to announce that our certificate course in Integral Recovery Therapy opens on April 3, 2014 for enrollment. To read all about it, please visit the Integral Recovery Institute website at If you have questions, feel free to contact us at

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Mar 07

The Daily Evolver Releases Interview with Jeff Salzman & John Dupuy


Want to recover? Get your Integral Practice mojo going! Listen to Jeff Salzman and John Dupuy talk about Integral Recovery and Practice. The Daily Evolver (Integral Life’s weekly news column) interview with Jeff Salzman, Integral pioneer, teacher, and commentator, and John Dupuy was released March 6, 2014. From Brett Walker’s eloquent introduction: “Integral Life Practice […]

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Nov 27

Een integraal model voor de bevrijding van verslaving


Een integraal model voor de bevrijding van verslaving – Dupuy met Morelli_0.pdf Thanks to our Dutch friend and sponsor of an Integral Recovery workshop in Holland in early December 2013, Joop de Vette of┬áSpirit First, we are pleased to offer here a Dutch translation of John’s article (with Marco Morelli), Toward an Integral Recovery Model […]

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